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Company Description

Founded in 2005, believe is the worldwide leader in digital audio and video distribution for independent artists. It is by combining technological and artistic skills in the service of digital distribution that the Group has based its expertise and has quickly positioned itself as a new player in the music industry landscape.

With more than 1,000 employees in 45 countries, the group distributes more than a third of the world's digital music in volume and has achieved an average annual growth of 30% over the last ten years.

believe's mission can be summed up as: "Best serve and develop all artists with care, transparency, fairness, expertise and innovation, in all local markets around the world".

Want to collaborate in a dynamic, entrepreneurial company that puts people at the center of its strategy? believe is for you!

Job Description


1 根据项目背景与艺人调性,为艺人制定数字营销策略,规划方案并跟进执行;

2 利用数据分析工具与其他手段,为艺人的目标受众、市场定位、效果目标进行背景评估,在执行中监控数据并跟进反馈;

3 配合资源渠道制定线上传播创意方案(如艺人账号运营、社群活动、平台/媒体合作等),以促进艺人受众数量与参与度增长;

4 对产出内容、项目进度、营销预算和项目关键绩效指标(KPI)负责,定期或以项目为单位制作绩效报告;

5 跟进市场上的创新营销手段,与同事分享最新的本土市场动态和新兴数字营销理念。



1 拥有3-4年的数字营销或社交媒体管理经验,对用户增长与线上推广策略有深入见解与经验;

2 能够根据艺人调性进行艺人洞察与策略规划,开展创意推广活动;

3 数据驱动和结果导向思维,熟悉数据工具的工作原理与网络推广方式的运作;

4 充分跟进市场趋势并能够系统性整理输出(包括但不限于音乐行业和数字创新领域);

5 强自我驱动力,具有出色的任务管理能力和组织管理能力;

6 对音乐行业有热情和一定了解;

7 英语读写熟练。