• Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
  • Full-time

Company Description

Founded in 2005, believe is the worldwide leader in digital audio and video distribution for independent artists. It is by combining technological and artistic skills in the service of digital distribution that the Group has based its expertise and has quickly positioned itself as a new player in the music industry landscape.

With more than 1,000 employees in 45 countries, the group distributes more than a third of the world's digital music in volume and has achieved an average annual growth of 30% over the last ten years.

believe's mission can be summed up as: "Best serve and develop all artists with care, transparency, fairness, expertise and innovation, in all local markets around the world".

Want to collaborate in a dynamic, entrepreneurial company that puts people at the center of its strategy? believe is for you!

Job Description


1 接洽与扩展媒体、KOL、MCN、品牌资源,建立稳定合作关系;

2 根据品牌或项目需求,制定媒介传播策略并促成相关合作;

3 负责项目的媒介资源配比、预算分配、合同签订、推进执行和报告撰写工作;

4 与线上社区、平台方的日常关系维护;

5 整合和管理渠道资源库,对资源的最新情况进行同步与分析;

6 搜集和分析创新的媒介合作模式,提炼方法论,为团队进行输出分享。



1 拥有2-5年的媒介策划经验,对媒介工作流程熟悉;

2 较强的分析能力,熟练使用Excel, Keynote, Powerpoint等工具;

3 有良好的内外部沟通能力和丰富的资源拓展经验;

4 能够配合团队需求,完成资源分配、谈判对接和执行落地等工作;

5 对音乐行业有热情和了解,熟悉相关媒体和平台;

6 掌握丰富的MCN/KOL/媒体/合作方推广资源。