Product and Operations Co-founder NewCo GmbH

  • Kollwitzstraße 64, 10435 Berlin, Germany
  • Full-time

Company Description

European logistics companies turn over more than € 1,300 B a year. This makes logistics the fourth largest industry in Europe. Startups are only just beginning to scratch the surface of the transformation made possible by applying software to business problems. We are part of this change – and looking for you to join us.

About Beam

Beam aims to become the world’s most successful logistics company builder. Behind Beam is the BEUMER Group, a family-owned German logistics company with an annual turnover of over € 1 B, a global presence, and access to hundreds of industrial customers.

We also rely on our excellent network of startup mentors, venture capitalists, and technical experts. At our headquarters in Berlin, we strive to be the most influential – yet humble – partner for entrepreneurs who want to build a next-generation logistics company with us.

Job Description

About the NewCo GmbH

We have identified a problem that many companies worldwide have. It affects service technicians in mechanical and plant engineering, among others. In dozens of interviews, potential customers in Germany and England have confirmed to us that they are interested in a solution to this problem. 

We are now looking for two co-founders to finalize the business model and launch a startup. Beam provides the seed funding and material launch support so that a first product can be developed and sold to pilot customers.

We are looking for a CPO who can develop a product vision, lead a tech team, who knows what to shift and pivot, and who has experience in building platforms. As the product lead and co-founder, the CPO will identify relevant new ideas, business potentials, and objectives for the product strategy.


  • You are a self-starter and able to build a stellar MVP on a tight budget and with a lot of focus. 
  • You will be in charge of the design, operations & improvement of product processes as well as the product roadmap, connecting and aligning it with several stakeholders.
  • You develop a multi-step product vision based on customer needs and unique insights. 
  • You are in command of all the necessary software tools and able to lead a small team of employees or freelancers, including senior software developers. 
  • You are phenomenal in User Experience design and deliver end-to-end results for the customers of the NewCo.


  • You have 5+ years of experience in senior product management positions.
  • You have a sound understanding that there are different personality types, with different communication styles and personal motivation. You are able to effectively communicate with your team and lead it to great results.
  • You are experienced and passionate about product workflow and User Experience design.
  • You are results-driven and thrive in a fast-paced startup environment.
  • You are business fluent in English, fluency in German is an advantage.

Additional Information


Your compensation consists of a competitive fixed salary based on your skills and experience and a share in the equity of the company to be founded.

Next steps

  1. Apply and attach your CV or a link to your professional profile (LinkedIn, Xing) to the application.
  2. Please also send us a brief letter of introduction and include why you want to be the co-founder and CPO of a logistics startup in Berlin.
  3. You can expect a short video call with our People Operations Manager if we think you'd be a great fit for the role.

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