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Company Description

Our clients are public and private Education providers with a focus on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) across several states in Nigeria.

We are currently recruiting for the following contract roles and applicants are required to state in 250 to 300 words why they are best suited for the advertised role, providing clear evidence that applicant has worked with successfully in the past and in a similar or related capacity. Applicants should also indicate their willingness to travel and/or be posted outside our Lagos and Abuja offices

Job Description

Job Description

This role provides general IT technical support and services to the organization to ensure its frictionless operation across all locations.   


Function-Specific Activities

·         Troubleshoot equipment  by creating and/or using methods and tools to resolve problems, evaluate improvements or determine/justify ways to improve efficiency and lifecost.

·         Troubleshoot department and/or field computer and database problems/issues and work as needed to resolve.

·         Generate, document and execute a plan to select and/or develop technology including managing the change control process, in order to meet the project's specific objectives

·         Identify, prioritize and implement new initiatives or special projects by gathering and analyzing data in order to improve product or information quality.

·         Write detailed & accurate reports for analyses, experiments or projects (e.g., equipment validation, evaluation of new processes).


General Activities

·         Develop and implement changes to or redesign tools or processes to improve organizational performance and quality, increase work efficiency, and/or reduce costs.

·         Evaluate effectiveness of current tools or processes by testing and modifying solutions, tracking results, gathering feedback, and reviewing impact on baseline measures.

·         Develop and communicate a clear charter for a project or initiative with clarity of scope and expected outcomes.

·         Lead an effort to create a project or an initiative plan (includes tasks, resources, and timeframes) by gaining input from appropriate parties and obtaining management sign-off and commitment.

·         Analyze data and produce reports to assist in analysis and decision making.

·         Build and develop relationships with peers and others to exchange feedback on product/service issues, identify and/or solve problems, assess needs, and/or achieve business results.

·         Take action to reduce costs that are focused on creating greater efficiencies, economies of scale or better quality resources for a project team, department, or business unit.

·         Comply with government laws and regulations, and Company-specific policies, procedures, and standards.

·         Provide input to plans and strategies for a business unit, department, or project to satisfy internal client or external customer requirements.

·         Provide input to a decision about an investment or expenditure.




Bachelor's Degree or equivalent relevant experience


Related Work Experience

At least 5 years


Technical Knowledge

Complete knowledge and full application of organizational and personal productivity tools and enterprise solutions with familiarity with Education Sector


General Competencies

·         Problem Analysis: Forming an opinion or making a decision through careful testing of assumptions and facts; taking action that is consistent with available facts, constraints, and probable consequences.

·         Process Improvement: Evaluating existing processes and identifying more efficient ways to accomplish goals and meet customer and client requirements; continuously improving the processes through regular assessment and adjustment.

·         Planning and Organizing: Establishing courses of action for self and/or others to ensure that work is completed efficiently in light of the strategies and destination of the department and/or organization.

·         Attention to Detail: Accomplishing tasks by considering all areas involved, no matter how small; showing concern for all aspects of the job; accurately checking processes and tasks; being watchful over a period of time.

·         Communicating Effectively: Conveying information and ideas in a clear, meaningful, and timely manner; providing information to ensure understanding; solicits input from the audience during the communication.

·         Pursuing Innovation: Generating innovative solutions in work situations; trying different and creative ways to deal with work problems and opportunities; seeks and implements new and better ways to achieve results.

·         Determining Financial Impact: Understanding the financial consequences of decisions; understanding economic value for the system; acting as an owner of the business and making decisions that ensure long-term value for the organization.

Additional Information

Function-Specific Knowledge & Skills

·         Advanced Computer Programming: Ability to develop or modify software applications to create templates, databases, macros, queries or programs.

·         Software Engineering: Knowledge of software systems and algorithms, basic flow-charting and/or pseudo coding, and reusable components. Knowledge of embedded, hardware drivers and general purpose operating systems. Ability to determine how software can be used in Company equipment to improve efficiencies, lower cost and offer desired features.