Request for Proposals: Bainum Foundation Farm Historic Preservation Research

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Company Description

Background – Bainum Foundation Farm 

The Bainum Foundation Farm (the Farm) was established via a bequest from the Stewart Bainum Estate of 263 acres of farmland in Middleburg, Virginia, to the Bainum Family Foundation (BFF) in November 2015.  The Farm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BFF and operates as a legacy initiative — in alignment with the founder’s desire that a piece of the larger Dinwiddie Estate (where he and his wife are now buried) could continue operating for charitable good.  

In 2022, the Farm completed its strategic plan to deepen and broaden its efforts in the environmental preservation and improvement space, as well as continuing to offer farmer training and light-touch educational opportunities for visiting groups. With these activities, the Farm hopes to expand recreational opportunities and access to land for the community. 

The Farm recognizes the impact that development and the concentration of land into private ownership has had on local communities, particularly the nearby historically Black communities of St. Louis and Willisville, VA, and is seeking the opportunity to elevate community voices and stories to educate the broader community about the historical and ecological significance of the land — past, present, and future.  

The Farm is seeking a consultant to conduct historical research on the Bainum Foundation Farm property — and more broadly, Loudoun County — with a specific focus to highlight the history and contributions of the nearby historically Black and Indigenous communities to the regional food system. The engagement will result in the creation of a final report synthesizing property and county history, as well as develop copy for future educational materials for children and adults. 

Job Description

The Consultant will be expected to: 

  • Develop a research road map which includes the following potential activities:  
  • Desk and in-person/virtual information gathering on the Bainum Foundation Farm property and Loudoun County agricultural history, with a specific focus on elevating Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) regional history  

  • Build or strengthen relationships with research institutions to contextualize the history of agriculture in Loudoun County 

  • Find and leverage research materials available at local institutions and repositories 

  • Perform a landscape assessment and review of existing literature, research, and stakeholders conducting historical research in Loudoun County, with a specific focus on elevating local Black and Indigenous history 

  • Maintain regular check-ins with Bainum Foundation Farm staff to align on activities, timelines, and deliverables 

  • Develop a final report with site and/or building photographs (historic and modern) and a historical overview of the Farm and neighboring communities 


Project Budget and Timeline 

The anticipated total budget range for this project is $10,000 – $25,000, inclusive of travel reimbursement costs.  


  • Report: Final report on the history of the Bainum Foundation Farm and neighboring communities, including relevant photos, maps, figures, etc. for print and/or digital distribution. 

  • Educational Materials: Development of copy for educational materials for the Bainum Foundation Farm property, including signage and a brochure (in collaboration with a graphic designer) for both children and adults. 

Additional Information

Request for Proposals 

By September 29, 2023, please apply with a brief (2-3 pages maximum) overview (written, PowerPoint, video, or other methods are all acceptable) of the proposed approach and methodology, timeline, budget, qualifications and experience, and CV of consultant and/or consultant group. 

We are happy to review questions by email and/or to schedule a time to discuss any questions about this engagement. We will be accepting multiple offers of interest and will request a short, virtual interview with finalists. Pending an agreed upon proposal, we would like to start this engagement in October 2023.