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Company Description

What we're doing at BRD 

BRD is a team made up of innovators, self-starters, independent thinkers, and builders that are at the heart of a financial revolution. We go against the grain to change the world. We’re enabling true financial sovereignty to people around the globe by building out the infrastructure and consumer applications surrounding Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets. BRD is a completely non-custodial wallet, making it the most reliable and secure way to hold funds without the need for a bank or third party. Your money is your money.

If you’re a disruptor with a relentless attitude to make a difference, then BRD may be your next home. As a financial infrastructure company, our mission is unlikely to ever be complete. We continually strive to bring the power of our apps to new regions of the world, some of which have never had wide access to banking functionality. To date, BRD supports over 7 million users across 170 countries, but this is just the beginning.

Until BRD, non-custodial applications have been clunky and difficult to use, causing people to give up and use custodial options instead. The main reason for our success is because we combine the intuitiveness that custodial options offer, with the security of a non-custodial, completely peer-to-peer system. We rigorously design, redesign, test, and experiment to ensure our customers have a positive, safe experience.

BRD has taken the consumer market by storm, and now we are also taking the enterprise world by its horns with the release of a new product, Blockset. Blockset essentially takes the infrastructure built over the years with BRD and productizes it into a powerful B2B solution acting as a bridge for banks and large financial institutions to enter the crypto world.

Lastly, we embrace a decentralized culture. We put high amounts of trust with whoever works with us. That is why all employees of BRD get unlimited vacation days, sick days, and have the option of working completely remotely, although we do have offices globally in San Jose, Bend OR, Chicago, and Tokyo. We host multiple in-person meetups throughout the year that are not only lots of fun, but also a great way to strategize our next steps, get closer as a team, and celebrate our accomplishments. 

Job Description

Our main focus is delivering an enterprise REST API that enables easy access to over 150 cryptocurrency assets. We also dogfood our own product and develop a consumer cryptocurrency wallet on both Android and iOS which are powered by our API.
We are looking to add many more cryptocurrencies as well as dramatically improve the reliability and responsiveness of our globally distributed infrastructure. Some fun things you might choose to work on include:

  • Scale infrastructure to multiple data centers
  • Hone our automated deployment pipeline
  • Optimize database usage
  • Improve proactive monitoring & alerting

Solve challenging problems in the areas of security, blockchain technology and more
BRD is your oyster. The benefit of a company our size is that you can wear many hats. If there is something you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to speak up. You’ll probably get a chance to do it!


We are a small DevOps team and would love a senior engineer to join us! You've deployed a lot of different infrastructure by now and know what it takes to make them run like a greased flywheel. You know how to pick tools and design architectures that have outsized returns on time invested, and you know where the sharp edges are. Not only can you envision them, but you've got the technical expertise and communication skills to build them alongside your team!

  • BS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent experience
  • 10+ years managing infrastructure in both large and small organizations
  • Comfortable working on the command line with standard Unix tools
  • 2+ years operational experience with Ansible
  • Experience with Prometheus, Grafana, Java services
  • Comfortable deploying across cloud providers and specialized bare metal

Nice to have:

  • Java 11, Spring Boot programming experience
  • Experience with Cassandra, Postgres, Redis, Kafka, Zookeeper. Kubernetes
  • Experience with log aggregation services like Datadog, Elk, Sumologic, etc.
  • Security or cryptocurrency experience

Additional Information

What it's like to work here

We've built a lively remote work culture that emphasizes regular personal interaction. At BRD, we started as a remote team and have built our workflows around it. This allows us to hire people who want to work with us, regardless of where they've decided to settle (or roam). 

Work-life balance is important to everyone at BRD, and we strive to ensure everyone has enough time for family, exercise, and mental health. In our opinion, a happy and healthy team is an essential ingredient to finding creative solutions to the hard problems we're trying to solve.

We're more operationally transparent than you may be used to. The entire BRD team has access to a variety of dashboards that help our distributed team make better decisions. If you have a question that can't be answered by a dashboard or an easy query, let's see if we can fix that.

BRD is an equal opportunity employer.  We are committed to building an actively inclusive work environment that makes our team an excellent home for everyone—regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, education, age, or other personal characteristics. We cultivate a culture that is conducive to diversity, equity and inclusion! Further, all your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

You should include these in your application:

  • Resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Links to code samples on Github, Gitlab, etc

Email us your resume and a personal note and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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