IT And Web Development Internship

  • Saint Julian's, Malta
  • Intern

Company Description

We are an international company specialised in sourcing hard-to-find and obsolete electronic components for a wide range of companies around the world. Our office is located at the vibrant area of St. Julian’s on the island of Malta. BD Electronics has a young and multilingual workforce with over ten languages spoken, such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Finnish, Croatian, Slovak and Indian

Job Description

1. Managing the company website and online database. 

2. Develop new software and functionality to automate mundane/simple jobs within the company. 

3. Managing the operation of the CRM ( maintaining the employee structure, adding new functionality/fields on request ). 

4. Setting up and maintaining the mailing server and file storage system. 

5. Prepare training documentation for both IT and non-IT employees.

6. Research, recommend, and handle the purchasing of new hardware or software. 

7. Contact and interact with customer support departments for third-party software utilised by the company. 

8. Providing tech support to employees in various departments (word processing / spreadsheet issues, telephony issues, faulty hardware, connectivity problems ). 

9. Setting up new PCs for employees (installing the necessary software, configuring settings ) . 

10. Keep records of usernames and passwords and access/distribute them securely when needed. 

11. Managing user mailboxes (setting up email forwarding, mailbox sharing ). 

12. Managing user accounts (creating/removing users, resetting passwords, organising users into groups ). 

13. Help in the interviews of prospective IT recruits.


1. Careful and prudent: Always researches the viability and security of options before implementing them.

 2. Employs a problem-solving attitude: Treats issues as problems to solve, not problems to put up with. 

3. Open to growth: Always willing to learn new things for the benefit of the company.

 4. Patient and good at explaining difficult-to-grasp concepts to people with not necessarily as much IT knowledge. 

5. Ambitious to take on projects that may seem overwhelming at first.

 6. Mindful to detail. 

7. Experience with HTML5, CSS required.

 8. Knowledge of SEO and how SEO improvements can boost our web traffic. 

9. Knowledge of JavaScript, AJAX, PHP would be considered an asset. 

10. An understanding of SQL Databases would be considered an asset.

 11. Ability to work on your own initiative where necessar

Additional Information

Internship: duration 3-6 months
Available from April 2017
Salary 200 euro/month
Working hours: