Software Engineer (Java) - (French or Dutch Language)

  • Belgiëplein, 1020 Brussel, Belgium
  • Contract

Job Description

General description of the mission 

The I-ICT service supports our departments and services for everything related to IT and telecommunications (design, delivery, support, management and maintenance). Within the latter, 


the 'Railways Infrastructure Install' unit carries out projects and the management of small packages for the Build and Asset management departments, signalling part. 


This mission will only be for IT projects for the Build department. The Build Department is responsible, in the first instance, for the development and deployment of capacity solutions according to the needs of railway operators, from the definition of these until their entry into service. Build is also responsible for the execution of other specific projects, such as major modernization of signalling equipment (concentration of signalling booths, as well as the train speed control systems TBL1 + and, ETCS (European Train Control System)). 


For this mission, the 'Railways Infrastructure Install' unit needs to carry out the PA-Tools 2020 project.


 PA-Tools is a set of modules allowing the design (configuration) of signalling components for ETCS level 1 Full Supervision systems and subsequently ETCS level 1 Limited Supervision systems.


Technical skills: 

·       Java 8/7 

·       OOP / UML / Design Patterns / Layered Application 

·       JPA / Hibernate / eclipselink  X    Relational Database (Mysql)

·       Swing 

·       XML 

·       Junit / Mockito 

·       JavaFx 

·       Netbeans Platform  

·       Apache POI  

·       Angular / Javascript 

·       Spring framework 

·       Web services  

·       Cucumber / Selenium  

·       Maven / ant  

Git / GitLab / Jenkins / Sonar