Software Engineer

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description

AOL is committed to hiring and growing the best talent on the planet within the Media Technology industry, and yes you read that right, Media Technology! In case you haven’t heard AOL these days consists of totally awesome brands like Huffington Post, Mapquest, TechCrunch and Engadget just to name a few. Additionally, we own & operate the best advertising technology stack in the business with our launch of AOL One giving both advertisers and publishers an end to end solution for their clients. With the acquisition of AOL by Verizon in June of 2015 we are stoked to have the opportunity to combine their footprint of 1.5B+ connected devices to the overall AOL strategy as we continue to focus our efforts on the mobile and video advertising markets. While we love being part of the Verizon family, we are continuing to run as a standalone company (yay!).

Above & beyond all the cool brands, content and advertising tech though we are a company that attracts, values and grows truly awesome people and talent. If you are looking for a career (not just a job), enjoy a fast paced & dynamic work environment, love working with super smart and top tier engineers and want to be a part of the continued success in growing the AOL business then look no further than this role @ AOL!

Job Description

Responsibilities include:

Development and maintenance of Convertro's Dashboard Web Application (also integrated in ONE Central).

UI design and development - a single page application. (Backbone.js, Marionette.js, Underscore.js, RequireJS, CoffeeScript, jQuery, Handlebars templates, Jasmine tests, npm, Grunt task runner, HighCharts, Bootstrap and Sass).

Back end API (Django, Mysql).

Legacy Dashboard (V1) - classic MVC web application (Grails, Java, MySql).

Development and maintenance of Convertro's reporting framework (Grails, Java, MySql, Quartz Job Scheduler, ZooKeeper)

Dashboard-related architectural/technical roadmap to achieve better productivity, faster shipments, reduced cost and tech debt and enhanced user experience, such as migration from the legacy dashboard, zero-downtime deployments, moving from microservices to packages, moving from CoffeeScript and grunt to ES2015 and npm scripts, integration of newer front end tools and frameworks.


Unique knowledge:

"Insights" feature - enables users to take actions based on recommendations and follow up. Was initially developed as a microservice and later migrated to an installable python package.

"Spend Optimizer" feature (back end) - helps marketers make smarter decisions with their budget, predict the impact of their actions and determine optimal budget allocation. (Python package)

Parts of the reporting framework, mostly delivery of advanced reports by FTP/SFTP/S3.

Development and maintenance of testing, build and deployment processes of all the above - Docker images, AWS Elastic Beanstalk configurations, Jenkins configurations, supporting bash scripts.

Improvement of intra-team processes, communication and productivity as well as with other teams at Convertro (Lobby, Pipeline, Data-Science, Ops), AOL (Integration with ONE) and product managers, based on bi-weekly sprint retrospective meetings.

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.