Operations Lead

  • Full-time

Company Description

Animal Think Tank’s mission is to support the building of a broad-based anti-speciesist movement that has the power, resilience and longevity to ensure all individual animals have their rights to life, liberty and the security of person protected in UK law and embraced by society. We aim to achieve this by organising and mobilising people to engage in constructive work and nonviolent civil disobedience. Alongside this, we aim to assist the strategic direction, capacity and innovation of the wider movement, seeding any needed organisations, and supporting the many others working towards Animal Freedom in their own diverse ways. Our main areas of work include: Movement Building and Unity; Anti-speciesism; Strategy; Narrative Framing; Organising Structures; Culture; Nonviolence; Leadership Development; and Training.

Job Description

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This role is about building a team, alongside our Direction Leads, that can deliver on our organisational vision. You will lead our Coordination Circle (our core team), initially as a shared role with our Direction Lead. Your key role will be to lead our core team to build a powerful, resilient and broad-based SMO. You will be committed to our mission, align with and model our values, and have the attributes to coordinate a large, complex project.

We value humility, courage, effectiveness, building shared power and love towards others. Our team is rewarding to work with, applies discipline, and has a strong work ethic. We don’t want action without strategy, aptitude without care, or passion without discipline. The animals need a high calibre team, an ambitious strategy, a mass movement, and personal fortitude to see it through.

Leading Animal Freedom will require: personal sacrifice; fearlessly confronting our adversaries; staying calm whilst others lose it; being on the frontline of protests; and a disciplined commitment to nonviolence.