Senior Special Operations Strategic Analyst

  • MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, FL 33621, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

ANALYGENCE, INC. (ANALYGENCE) is a Disadvantaged, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned professional services small business established in 2010 on the principle of providing our customers with results driven professionals that understand the dynamic customer environment and can be relied upon to help them achieve their objectives. ANALYGENCE works with customers to develop and execute innovative strategies to improve processes and achieve customer goals.  Our people are service-oriented professionals with varying military, government and industry backgrounds, who understand the level of commitment and flexibility it takes to progress customers forward in a dynamic work environment. We cater to the specific needs of each individual customer to help them lay out a path for success.

Job Description

Program Overview: 

The United States Special Operation Command’s (USSOCOM) Force Structure, Requirements, Resources and Strategic Assessments Directorate (J8) Strategic Planning and Analysis Division (J8‐S) requires services for analytical support for wide range of analytical products to USSOCOM directorates, centers, component commands and Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOCs). During project execution, personnel will provide the J8‐S, with high quality, defendable technical and analytical support expertise in employing analytical models and tools with a wide array of areas such as of software development, operation and maintenance of Government classified stand‐alone local area networks, and development and maintenance of classified databases.

Primary Responsibilities: 

The Senior Special Operations Strategic Analyst (SOSA) shall:

  • Provide update, reconciliation, and management recommendations for the special operations portions of DCAPE data products and repositories. This task involves the analysis of raw data to identify modifications required before the data is input into pre-processor tools, models and simulations. The contractor shall confirm that the data is accurate and available in time to support OSD’s, JS’s and USSOCOM’s analytical goals and requirements.
  • Provide special operations data and subject matter expertise for USSOCOM’s development of near-term to long-term scenarios, strategic and operational concepts of operation (CONOPS), and ensure associated force lists of special operations specific and joint enabling capabilities are correctly represented.
  • Support USSOCOM’s database development and modeling of base cases and excursions in the support of the Defense Planning Scenarios and requirements process.
  • Participate in meetings/conferences with OSD and Joint Staff personnel and others as required (i.e., TSOCs, Components, SOCOM Staff) during war-games, Table Top Exercises (TTXs) and USSOCOM’s CONOP development for Defense Planning Scenarios (DPS). Support workgroups and conferences through travel and/or via Secure Video Tele-Conferencing (SVTC) to the DoD sponsored site.
  • Coordinate meetings, SVTCs and provide read-ahead material as required.
  • Report actions at work groups and conferences.
  • Review, provide, track, and adjust comments during product staffing to facilitate integrations of JS, USD (P), Service and Combatant Command (COCOM) inputs.
  • Conduct CONOP analysis representing component equity and write component-specific CONOP narratives.
  • Develop tools to visualize data with respect to SO Force Structure.


  • 10 years of uniformed military experience with demonstrated expertise in Special Operations (Navy Special Warfare, Army Special Forces, OR Air Force Special Operations).
  • 3 years of experience (can be concurrent with the 10 years above) in deliberate planning or demonstrated expertise in joint planning is desired as SOF CONOP development is required.
  • Military education in Operational Planning.
  • Top Secret Clearance desired but must possess a current DoD Secret clearance, and be upgradable to Top Secret within 4 months and eligible for SCI access and ACCM read-on.


Additional Information

ANALYGENCE, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

US Citizenship is required as a result of the parameters set for the Federal Government contract.

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