Machine Learning

  • Arizona State Rte 303, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Contract

Job Description

  • Strong fundamental knowledge of linear algebra and hypothesis testing.
  • Proven experience of solving complex business problems using Machine Learning techniques like Regression  Classification  Supervised or Unsupervised Recommenders  Deep iterative learning  Neural Nets etc.
  • Basic theoretical and algorithmic understanding of stochastic processes and statistical modeling  e.g. Dynamic Programming  Markov Decision Process  and Language Modeling.        
  • Expertise in Python environment and associated libraries (scikit  nltk  pandas and numpy).
  • Excellent data presentation and visualization skills.
  • Modeling proficiency
    • Linear models & descriptive statistics
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Bayesian Inference
    • Decision Tree Models & Boosting

Additional Information

Abhishek Kumar

Phone: (201) 528 5307  Ext: 353

Cell: (954) 903 7956