Junior Media Buyer - Remote

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Company Description

Hi. We’re AltAgency, A B2B agency consulting company based in Denver, CO.  Our mission is to help every unsatisfied agency owner freelancer, or client service provider provide abundantly for his/her family, have time to enjoy their lives, and provide consistently life-changing service to their clients. Since, February of 2017, we have served almost 300 agency owners. 

Be prepared to move fast. It’s gonna be a fun ride. 

At AltAgency we believe the traditional 9-to-5 job is obsolete like Blockbuster. The world is different now. We need things like:

  • Flexibility
  • Culture
  • Growth
  • Freedom

These are not fancy perks you should only get from working for the latest tech company. At AltAgency, you are NOT accepting a “job”. Jobs are lame and boring. You’re accepting something so much more. You’re accepting to join us on our mission to empower and transform agency owners everywhere. 

You’re helping us set a new standard of excellence in the agency industry - every single thing you do on our team brings us closer to that goal. Work, we believe, needs to be fun, challenging, and something that makes you so excited that you jump out of bed each morning. We believe in work-life INTEGRATION.

We’re currently a small but might team of 8 virtual employees, all the way from the beautiful coasts of Oregon to the beaches of Florida. However, our founder is located in Denver, Colorado where a handful of others have chosen to join them. Our team members are all driven by their shared desire for impact, excellence and continuous growth. 

Culture in the workplace is not about the ping pong table, nap rooms, and happy hours. None of that matters if the CORE of the company's culture doesn’t inspire GREATNESS. Culture is about how we show up day after day, how we behave and treat one another in and outside of work. It’s about our shared values and how we communicate those values to each other and our clients. Regular two-way feedback, collaboration, transparency across departments, and with our clients isn’t something we thought would sound good. It’s what we BELIEVE in and what we PRACTICE. #realtalk #toughlove

Strong culture inside the business equates to strong culture outside the business (with our clients, families, and community) which is probably why we have grown so quickly.

Job Description

The Junior Media Buyer will play a key role in the development and execution of our paid media marketing strategy and be responsible for running Paid Traffic campaigns across Facebook, Youtube, Google (and Google affiliates), LinkedIn and other platforms at AltAgency. You will build, analyze, and test all campaigns to ensure we are as efficient as possible with our advertising while providing a consistent ROI across all campaigns. You will also work closely with and report to our Director of Marketing, Graphic Designers, and Content Curators to ensure they are as accurate as possible when building new Ads/Funnels, based on what the numbers from campaigns tell you. 

You will be responsible for having a keen understanding of ad copywriting, dynamic audience segmentation, interest-based targeting, online and offline conversion tracking events, and be well versed in driving customer acquisition through a balanced multi-channel approach. You’ll be very organized and rely heavily on your project management and communication with the Marketing Team. 

You will be responsible for providing all WINNING tested content (images, videos, headlines, ad copy, etc) to the Director of Marketing for release to Client Success and eventually to our clients in a timely fashion.

This role is 100% remote

Do you love to?

  • Get sh*t done, fast. Seriously. 

  • Consistently grow into your potential both personally and professionally.

  • Be part of a tight-knit high-performing team of like-minded people that push you to be your best.

  • Have a massive impact on a fast-growing company and hundreds of other businesses (Agency Owners, Freelancers, Client and Creative Service Providers)

  • Be the same person at work that you are at home (no fake small talk here 🙌)

  • Be given massive responsibility but ALSO massive freedom

  • Be appreciated for constantly going above and beyond and being a rockstar

If you’re yelling at your computer screen, 

“That’s ME!” — keep reading



  • Quickly compose direct-response ad copy and implement with respect to the corresponding marketing channel

  • Execute and optimize paid campaigns on social channels [Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google, etc.] to meet or exceed lead generation goals with consistent results across all tested Markets 

  • Analyze, review, and report on the effectiveness of campaigns and provide insights/recommendations 

  • Continuously plan/test/launch [copy/bids/targets/placements, etc.] to maximize efficiency and growth 

  • Assist in managing budgets and submitting expenses to Accounting Team 

  • Monitor emerging trends in social media,  paid advertising and adjust accordingly 

  • Create definitive start and end dates of each campaign and monitor each closely using given metrics 

  • Assure that all content used (videos, images, music, etc) is not copyrighted, and permission is granted for its use.

  • Knowledge of and ability to use tools and techniques for collecting and collating data. 

  • Research markets to understand who and how we market to those people. 

  • Research markets abroad to understand the marketing laws. 

  • Produces a marketing assessment after each beta test to understand our markets better 

  • Send report to Director of Marketing on target audiences that will allow marketing to create ads that will target specific people. Men/Women/Age Ranges/Habits (Look Alike Campaigns) 

  • Advise on which markets to run beta test with previous data that has been collected.

  • Future: Manage and train the media buying team as it grows,


  • 3+ Years of Digital Marketing Experience

  • 1-2 Years of Facebook Paid Media Experience

  • 1+ Year of Google or Youtube Paid Media Experience

  • Experience managing $1,000+/day media buying budgets

  • Exceptional Data-Analysis Skills using things UTM and pixel tracking etc.

  • Experience with Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads Dashboard, Google Analytics, Tag Manager

  • Experience using social media analytics tools and the ability to tweak marketing strategies based on findings. 

  • Outgoing and positive attitude with a willingness to help others

  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment with multiple tasks and projects at hand. 

  • Exceptional time management skills. 

  • Excellent communication skills 

  • Well organized and detail-oriented.

  • Self-directed and able to work without supervision

  • Energetic and eager to tackle new projects and ideas

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.