Customer Success Manager

  • 2 Shotwell St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Almanac’s mission is to democratize access to 21st century skills, insights, and tools so that no one is limited by knowledge in pursuit of their potential.

Through our own experiences, we’ve seen professionals at digital businesses waste too much time trying to find answers they can trust that help them do their jobs better. We believe this problem isn’t rooted in a lack of knowledge or expertise in the world, but in the deficiencies of tools we rely on to access, share, and improve how work gets done.

To make opportunity available to everyone, we’re building a knowledge platform that technology professionals can trust for documenting, distributing, and collaborating on how they work. We replace tools like Confluence and Google Docs to help individuals quickly access knowledge within and across companies that they can trust deeply.  

We’ve been moving fast since we founded Almanac in January 2019. Since then, we’ve built and launched the initial version of our product to 30 customers, raised a $3M+ seed round from leading Silicon Valley investors, and grown our full-time team to 15 people.

That’s where you come in: we’re looking for a Customer Success Manager to help us create a delightful experience for users and customers.

Job Description

As a Customer Success Manager, you will be the voice of Almanac and first point of contact for users and customers. You’ll resolve tickets, develop policies, and execute processes that create a best-in-class experience for the Almanac community.

Specifically, you will: 

  • Own and resolve tickets, working cross-functionally with Almanac’s teams to improve our platform for users.
  • Develop product documentation and tutorials as necessary for Almanac’s customer Help Center.
  • Investigate, test, and problem solve resolutions and workarounds for tickets. 
  • Know the product inside and out, stay on top of new releases and features, and engage with customers to make them successful Almanac users.
  • Maintain meticulously accurate customer records, notes, and tickets.
  • Partner with other teams to help them execute on important strategic initiatives that drive operational scale and efficiency.


Experiences that will make you stand out:

  • 2-5 years of tenure in a customer success, service, or experience role
  • Working across teams to get customer issues resolved
  • Close collaboration with software engineers and product on bugs or new features
  • De-escalating customers and turning potentially high risk incidents into relationship-building opportunities
  • Extensive use of customer-facing web-based support such as Zendesk or Intercom in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience using judgement and common sense to apply policies in the best manner to meet customer needs and resolve tickets 
  • Tenure at an earlier-stage, high-growth startup
  • Deep knowledge of Excel, Google Suite, and CRM software

Skills that make you extraordinary:

  • Deep customer empathy: you understand the customer and their use cases and know how to be a trusted resource
  • Creativity and drive, pursuing solutions that fix things for customers no matter what blockers stand in your way
  • Strategic communication: you share clear, relevant, and succinct information to the right people at the right time in ways that reduce confusion and build trust
  • Impeccable writing skills, with a focus on modifying your tone based on the context (customer’s happiness level, the urgency of the situation, etc.)
  • Flexibility and scrappiness, and happiness when things are constantly on the move 
  •  A proven track record of working well across teams 
  • Ability to Get Things Done faster than anyone expects you to

Additional Information

At Almanac, we: 

  • Are fundamental optimists who believe we’re still only at the start of the digital age.
  • Go to extraordinary lengths to distinguish ourselves through world-class work.
  • Prioritize quality over speed, and speed over scope.
  • Desire working with deeply kind, mission-driven people.
  • Strive to make the complex simple.
  • Use first principles to debate ideas, test assumptions, and make decisions.
  • Seek the truth by putting data above opinions.
  • Assume good intent and give tactical feedback to help each other get better.
  • Hold no ego—when our customers win, we all win.

As a company, we are seriously committed to your professional development and growth:

  • You will set your own monthly goals aligned with our ambitious strategy
  • You will have our collective support in achieving major wins—and personal coaching from your manager 
  • You will be able to request and manage your own budget
  • You will be encouraged to take risks, try new things, and be creative with your work 
  • You will have many opportunities to exchange and engage in feedback
  • You will be offered continual chances to stretch yourself and raise your own bar
  • You will be rewarded for achieving excellence and mastery ​​​​​​