Business Operations Manager

  • 2 Shotwell St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Almanac’s mission is to democratize access to 21st century skills, insights, and tools so that no one is limited by knowledge in pursuit of their potential.

Through our own experiences, we’ve seen professionals at digital businesses waste too much time trying to find answers they can trust that help them do their jobs better. We believe this problem isn’t rooted in a lack of knowledge or expertise in the world, but in the deficiencies of tools we rely on to access, share, and improve how work gets done.

To make opportunity available to everyone, we’re building a knowledge platform that technology professionals can trust for documenting, distributing, and collaborating on how they work. We replace tools like Confluence and Google Docs to help individuals quickly access knowledge within and across companies that they can trust deeply.  

We’ve been moving fast since we founded Almanac in January 2019. Since then, we’ve built and launched the initial version of our product to 30 customers, raised a $3M+ seed round from leading Silicon Valley investors, and grown our full-time team to 15 people.

That’s where you come in: we’re now looking for a Business Operations Manager to help us scale Almanac’s contributor who loves solving hard problems through insightful analysis, fast action, and amazing teamwork.

Job Description

As Business Operations Manager, you’ll play a critical role in driving and enabling growth across our business.

Business Operations at Almanac leads mission-critical, cross-functional efforts, delivers actionable analysis and insights, incubates new roles and teams, and drives results on our highest strategic priorities. 

You may dig into building new growth channels, winning over new customer segments, designing new business systems to scale Almanac, or unlocking new revenue opportunities. Whatever it is, you’ll work on projects that move the needle most for Almanac. 

Specifically, you will: 

  • Devise and run tests via new growth channels or partners that grow Almanac’s users and customers, and expand our base to new segments
  • Work with cross-functional teams to prioritize and launch features that create an extraordinary experience for our key customer and user segments
  • Design and implement continuously better business and operational systems to make Almanac hum
  • Perform analyses and research that help us make great strategic decisions
  • Incubate and help run new teams that expand our organizational footprint and products that increase our revenue and engagement
  • Partner with other teams to help them execute on important strategic initiatives or drive operational scale and efficiency


Experiences that will make you stand out:

  • Working in (or founding!) an earlier-stage, high-growth startup
  • Career training on a Biz Ops team at a leading SaaS company 
  • 3+ years of tenure at a top strategy consulting firm, or an MBA
  • Expert-level depth in Excel and Powerpoint
  • Running growth experimentation processes around acquisition or engagement  
  • Experience taking high-priority projects from concept to launch 
  • Devising and implementing systems that have helped teams run better
  • Closing strategic partnerships or launching new channels

Skills that make you extraordinary:

  • An inclination to structured, strategic thinking from first principles
  • A commitment to analytical rigor and “seeking the truth” through data
  • An obsession with delivering results that can be seen and measured
  • A comfort with ambiguity
  • Flexibility and scrappiness, and happiness when things are constantly on the move 
  • A proven track record of working well across teams and leading through influence 
  • Ability to Get Things Done faster than anyone expects you to

Additional Information

At Almanac, we: 

  • Are fundamental optimists who believe we’re still only at the start of the digital age.
  • Go to extraordinary lengths to distinguish ourselves through world-class work.
  • Prioritize quality over speed, and speed over scope.
  • Desire working with deeply kind, mission-driven people.
  • Strive to make the complex simple.
  • Use first principles to debate ideas, test assumptions, and make decisions.
  • Seek the truth by putting data above opinions.
  • Assume good intent and give tactical feedback to help each other get better.
  • Hold no ego—when our customers win, we all win.

As a company, we are seriously committed to your professional development and growth:

  • You will set your own monthly goals aligned with our ambitious strategy
  • You will have our collective support in achieving major wins—and personal coaching from your manager 
  • You will be able to request and manage your own budget
  • You will be encouraged to take risks, try new things, and be creative with your work 
  • You will have many opportunities to exchange and engage in feedback
  • You will be offered continual chances to stretch yourself and raise your own bar
  • You will be rewarded for achieving excellence and mastery ​​​​​​