Team Leader - Machine Learning Research (NLP)

  • Warszawa, Poznań, Kraków, Toruń, Wrocław, Poland
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Why should you work at Allegro?

  • Being a part of the Machine Learning Research team, you will be responsible for finding solutions to research problems that we encounter at Allegro with focus on improving the product-based experience for both buyers and sellers on Allegro
  • As a part of Machine Learning Research leadership team you will have real impact on how we organise ML cooperation, knowledge sharing and research initiatives
  • While working on a new problem, you will explore it in depth and conduct literature review, looking for the most promising techniques for a given problem
  • Your team will be responsible for the preparation of the production-grade machine learning models, supporting the development team. This will be your responsibility to deliver production grade model with desired latency requirements
  • To make sure that your team applies state-of-the-art solutions, you will stay up to date with the scientific progress. You will deepen your knowledge by reading the latest papers in your domain, sharing the knowledge with other team members of the research teams operating in Allegro. You will participate in scientific conferences, visiting places where the latest discoveries are presented
  • You will have the possibility to share the results of your research in the scientific community by community, and by taking part in the scientific conferences (oral presentations, poster sessions). You will develop your scientific career, as well as Allegro's presence in the world of science community
  • In your daily work you will expand your knowledge by cooperating with people who have hands-on experience in implementation of the ML models at scale unprecedented anywhere else in Poland

What we can offer:

  • Being a part of highly competent commercial ML research group, joining research with production delivery of ML solutions
  • 20% of your work time for individual ML research
  • Training budget and broad selection of internal training courses
  • Participation in top-tier ML/AI international conferences (NeurIPS, ICLR, ICML, ACL, CVPR, ICCV, etc.)
  • Internal, both general and domain specific ML-seminars (both covering broad ML topic, as well as domain oriented, eg. RL)
  • Modern office and work tools
  • Informal atmosphere in a professional team
  • A large package of non-wage benefits in the cafeteria system 
  • English classes designed with the engineers in mind

We are looking for candidates who:

  • Have a good knowledge of machine learning techniques, in particular those used in natural language processing (BERT-based models, metric learning, and extreme classification approaches)
  • Have demonstrated experience with leading engineering teams tackling R&D problems
  • Have excellent communication skills necessary to thrive within multidisciplinary task forces
  • Know how to explain complex ML constructs in simple terms
  • Know the methodology of conducting scientific research and the use of an iterative process of conducting experiments. Track record of publications in scientific conferences will be a plus.
  • Have experience in working with real data that deviate from the standard, well-developed collections used in research
  • Have an understanding of statistical inference
  • Know Python and have experience with at least a few of the following libraries:PyTorch, Tensorflow, Pandas, Numpy, PySpark, OpenCV, Transformers, SciKit-Learn, XGBoost etc. etc.) 
  • Experience with training machine learning models in a distributed cloud environment will be an advantage (e.g. Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Docker)
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