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By refering someone you know to Akuo, you are helping us in building a greener future. To do so, you just have to click on 'Refer a friend'.

You are working at Akuo or you just know the company and want to recommend someone to join us? Here’s what we can offer:

Strong Commitments:

  • Activists by nature, not only do we uphold our commitments to our stakeholders, but also more broadly to our planet. Motivation is needed for the future to unfold and so we truly strive to assert and defend concrete commitments: Discover our values and commitments.

A wide range of Professions:

  • As a producer of electricity from renewable energy sources, we recruit a broad spectrum of professions in some twenty countries, resulting in amazing diversity in everyday conversations and interaction. Akuo recruits people on every type of contract and also encourages the employment of young people via internships or work-study programs, which are springboards to a first job at Akuo. Explore all our fields of expertise.

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Mobility and Training:

  • Thanks to the diversity of our business lines and our international footprint, Akuo can offer employees many opportunities for internal mobility to ensure their professional growth. Mobility as part of our DNA.
  • Our dynamic environment encourages continuous enrichment of our know-how and the development of new skills. Each year, in collaboration with the Executive Committee and managers, we create a specific training plan to support the Group’s strategic directions, individual career evolutions (onboarding, mobility, mission changes), and key competencies needed for tomorrow’s new challenges. Training at Akuo.

The Akuo Foundation:

  • The Akuo Foundation undertakes and provides support for non-profit sustainable development projects by offering its partners an opportunity to work alongside them to help deprived communities and protect the environment around the world. Through our foundation, each employee can take 4 days a year to focus on associative activities. Learn more about the foundation.

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With a presence in more than 20 countries across 5 continents, the Akuo Group is using its international foothold to accelerate the regional deployment of renewable energies and participate in the global fight against climate change.

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