Business Development Representative

  • Full-time

Company Description

Aikido Security is building a developer-centric security product for cloud companies. The focus is on application security testing and vulnerability scanning.

We’re looking to fill a gap in the current landscape, by offering a product that combines insights from both your code, dependencies & cloud, resulting in a set of unique and high-value security features. We're going to package this in an easy-to-use product that is helpful as well as educational.

Job Description

As a business development representative, you'll be working on creative outbound campaigns. There are tons of ways to get in touch with the right prospects, and together with some of the co-founders of Aikido, you'll be experimenting with different channels and platforms. It'll be a mix of email outreach, Twitter experiments, Reddit, LinkedIn, ...

Main responsibilities:

  • Write great, personal and relevant emails to outbound prospects
  • Engage in creative and to-the-point threads on LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, ...
  • Build and engage with different types of lists of prospects
  • Build out cadences/sequences in your sales engagement system
  • Follow up with prospects
  • Get people in a demo meeting and/or get the to start a free trial


We're looking for someone who is:

  • Really comfortable in a very entrepreneurial environment
  • Can think along certain suggestions/ideas of Aikido colleagues
  • Familiar with using CRM (we use Hubspot) and other sales tooling (LinkedIn, Outreach/Salesloft, ...)
  • Creative: Thinks outside the box when it comes down to finding new leads
  • Structured: You'll be dealing with big amounts of leads and prospects. You need to work in a clean and structured way to be able to deal with this amount of data.
  • Medior to Senior: It's okay if you're not that experienced. The most important thing is to be coachable, hungry, and have a hustler-mentality. 
  • Fluent in English (this is our main working language and also the language we use to engage with customers)


  • If you need to get on the payroll, you need to be eligible to be on a Belgian payroll (and you are actively residing in Belgium somewhere) OR if you don’t need to be on the payroll, and you can invoice, you can from anywhere according to your own legal system. 

Additional Information

What you can expect

  • High-impact position in a fast-growing company
  • Fast growth of responsibility
  • Competitive salary package
  • A company that sticks to its values in an open and informal atmosphere (see our culture page on the website for more details)
  • A diverse and inclusive organization that is proud to be an equal opportunity employer
  • Flexibility in working hours and remote-first culture

You will be recruited based on competencies. Qualities of people are decisive, regardless of gender, religion, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, or any disability.

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