Real Estate Acquisition Manager (Remote)

  • Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Contract

Company Description

My real estate investment company focuses on the acquisition, renovation, and resale of off-market residential properties. This is an acquisition company that specializes in providing cash offers to home and property owners buying distressed properties including multi-family and single family from sellers who need to sell fast. We obtain distressed off-market single-family properties and secure those properties at substantial discounts. The activities that we are engaged in involves the purchase of real estate property with intentions of assigning our interests over to an end-buyer or to Buy, Fix, then re-sell the property. We are not licensed professionals, we are Investors. We will not be acting as your agent or broker when we buy or sell you a house.

- Adam Dudley

Job Description

I’m seeking an Acquisitions Manager (Real Estate agent preferred) to join my Real Estate team, someone with prior experience flipping and/or assigning contracts are required who has no issues operating virtually.

The Acquisition Manager will be responsible for evaluating and acquiring prospective deals. You will determine whether or not the business brings in a respective deal under contract. Whether if it's Venturing with other investors on deals or just one of our own. I’m looking for a self starter with prior experience who can help expand the company and take it to the next level, someone that can bring new ideas to help make this company a success The ideal candidate(s) will have the luxury of working independently and must be able to work virtually.


  • Previous experience working with wholesalers, brokers/agents, probate attorneys, short sale negotiators, etc.
  • Good networking capacity in seeking out exclusive opportunities (i.e. pocket listings, off-market deals)
  • Ability to analyze a variety of real estate assets
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills
  • Highly self-disciplined, motivated, and organized
  • Firm understanding of contract law and due process for a wide scope of unique transactions/closings (varies state to state)
  • Passion for real estate and a strong sense of creative design
  • Capable of estimating full rehabilitation projects on the spot and creating investor package to present to potential cash buyers.
  • Overall understanding of the investment real estate market.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage all deals from A to Z
  • Evaluate and acquire prospective deals to get under contract
  • Keep in contact with Sellers and Investors
  • Running the numbers, (comps, after repair value, tax assessment, repair cost, equity) and put it under contract.
  • Market each deal that we have under contract to find a buyer for our deals. 

Additional Information

PROFIT SPLIT: 60/40 profit split per successful closing. (60% goes to you)

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