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Hollister Co.

Are you irreverent? Quick-witted? Someone who views the world through summer-tinted lenses? Can you seamlessly slip into the teenage-summer-break version of yourself? Are you picturing your old Facebook statuses right now? Are you cringing? Yeah, old Facebook statuses will do that to you.

We’re looking for people who are passionate about mastering their craft, who also get amped on Gen Z trends. The kind of people who knew the crying laughing emoji was no longer Gen Z acceptable way before any of their friends, because we exist to understand and empower Gen Z. We use our platform to amplify Gen Z’s stories, so we can enable all teens to be their most confident, comfortable and capable selves. Sound like something you’d be into?

    Job Description

    Hollister Co.is partnering with TikTok to find our next creative supernova. Someone who plays well with the industry’s top designers, photographers, stylists, copywriters and art directors. 

    All you have to do is create a super dope TikTok that brings a t-shirt to life through comedy, graphics, mind-numbingly good transitions, or preferably, something way beyond what the person writing this could even think of. Be as weird as you want. Even weirder than what you think we want. The only rule is you have to tag #HCoHireMe. After you hit that post button on TikTok, drop your portfolio, website and social handles here, so we can make something good happen between us now, or in the future as creative roles open up. Alright, you’ve got this. We have a good feeling about you and us. 

    Don't know what we are talking about (we don't want you to feel left out) - click here to take a look at Montana Tucker's tiktok!

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