Start-up Tech Lead/CTO

  • Full-time

Company Description

Carra is a pioneering beauty-tech platform set to revolutionise the textured hair market. With its savvy combination of science and data, Carra is on a mission to become the no. 1 global personalisation platform offering custom hair care routines, expert advice, personalised product recommendations. 

Targeting the world’s fast growing multicultural community (70% of the world’s 7.4bn citizens), we are transforming an underserved market by combining human expertise and machine learning to offer a deeply personalised experience. 

The founder, Winnie Awa has over 10 years experience of building innovative consumer-tech platforms for world-renowned companies like Net-a-Porter, ASOS and LVMH. After seeing first hand how the afro and multi-textured hair customer wasn’t being served, she was determined to make a change. She initially launched cult platform Antidote Street (as seen on Vogue, Dazed, Refinery29, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and so much more). In running this, she had the front row seat to the biggest challenges facing customers with textured hair and thus Carra was born.  

“We are re-envisioning today’s noisy + overwhelming textured hair experience to build a truly borderless personalisation platform targeting multicultural women all across the globe." - Winnie Awa

Carra is in the esteemed Founders Factory programme and in just two months of launch, has already been nominated for the Sunday Times Beauty Disruptor 2021 award. 

Key Focuses: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Beauty and Personalisation

Job Description

We are looking for a Technical Lead to drive the development of our suite of scalable software solutions - web and app. As our first engineer, you will have ownership over our technical strategy and be responsible for the full software development life cycle from conception to deployment. 

You are excited about this opportunity because you are/will...

  • Excited about growing and leading a high performing engineering team 

  • Own the development of our Tech stack 

  • Design overall client-side and server-side architecture 

  • Build the front end of our applications through appealing visual and mobile responsive design 

  • Develop and manage well-functioning databases and APIs


Our stack:

  • React, NodeJS, PHP, Laravel, Vue, PostgreSQL and Python


  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, modern JavaScript and its associated frameworks such as React, Redux, Angular or Vue

  • Knowledge of back-end languages or frameworks such as  C#, Go, Kotlin, Python, Node.js or Laravel

  • Are capable of writing and utilising RESTful API services Experience with cloud providers (e.g. AWS) and containerisation (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes)

  • Familiarity with databases (e.g. MySQL, MongoDB), web servers (e.g. Apache)

Additional Information

  • Visionary: mission-driven and ambitious, with a clear vision and strategy

  • Customer-Centric: customer-oriented and able to design, manage and market world-class products for our community

  • Entrepreneur-at-Heart: passionate tinkerer, you like to try new things and are comfortable paving the way forward

  • Growth Mindset: you are driven, seek out challenges, and constantly learning

  • The Wearer of Many Hats: you do what it takes to get stuff done

  • A Thought Leader: able to form views quickly in the face of new information and articulate them clearly and persuasively; decisive in the face of limited information


What you'll get
We know that developers have the pick of the litter when it comes to job hunting and it is often hard to choose who to apply to, so here are a few reasons why we love working here:

  • The opportunity to make your mark on a growing company. We encourage everybody to pitch in with ideas and suggestions on the journey ahead.
  • Autonomy to work on what you think is most important, in the way that you think is best. We trust everybody we hire to understand our goals and work on what is most important to achieve them.
  • Get exposure to all aspects of the business. We are a small team and that means you have the opportunity to dip your toes into all aspects of the business, which is great for clearing your mind when there is a bug you just can’t crack.
  • Amazing growth and personal development opportunities. We understand that everybody learns differently, so whether you want to go to a conference, workshop, meetup or just carve out some time to learn that new technology, we will find ways to support that.