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Company Description


Arηs is a fully independent group of companies specialized in managing complex IT projects and systems for large organisations, focusing on state-of-the-art software development, business intelligence and infrastructure services.

We are composed of 14 entities across 6 countries that are unified by the Arηs Group, with more than 2300 consultants.

This corporate structure enables us to respond quickly to market changes and customer requests, and to communicate and make decisions without layers of bureaucracy.

Our success can be attributed to the synergy among our complementary entities, combined with our methodologies, which are based on the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and the Scrum agile software development framework.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to be the most caring and reliable IT company on the marketplace for both clients and our people.

Our values are caring, agility, excellence, innovation, continual improvement and reliability.

Our values support our vision by leveraging excellence, striving for results, ensuring commitment and promoting adaptability.

Our Culture

We work in close partnership with our customers, turning their needs into benefits. We promote a dynamic local environment where both young and experienced people can realize themselves. We leverage a flexible, independent and responsive organization.

Our Brand

The Arηs (pronounced [aris]) name comes from Greek Mythology. Arηs is the son of Zeus and the God of War – in our eyes, an accurate representation of the intelligence, strategy, leadership and vision that are essential in business.

Job Description


In order to improve its service to members, our client has been undertaking a major modernization of its front-line tools for several years.

Among these, a tool (Omnichannel Tool) for handling the large volume of calls and emails received by the our client has been set up at several sites spread across the country. It is currently used by more than 800 agents logged in simultaneously every day and the number of users continues to increase.

As the implementation project was carried out with the help of an external partner taking charge of the developments, the IT team involved in this project was limited. However, given the critical nature of this tool and the number of users / members affected in the event of unavailability, it now appears that solutions for global and regional monitoring, stability control and quality (application, network and calls), backup, supervision, etc. must be set up.

Our client is therefore looking for a profile capable of understanding the context and business needs as well as the technical reality (application, network, mixed internal multi-site / cloud solution) allowing him to quickly participate in the team's D2D. and to help put in place the essential tools listed above.

Alongside this journey, a chatbot has been created and even if it meets the expectations for which it was created, an extension of its scope in the short term to allow it to provide more personalized responses to members seems be an opportunity that must be seized. The challenges being different from those for the Omnichannel Tool and mainly related to the implementation of the strategy of extension, integration rather than technical challenges.



Although analysis, testing (even development in lowcode / outsystems) are the tasks expected by the profile sought, it is important to point out that initially, the mission will be largely linked to the learning of solution in place and response to incidents created by users. The idea being that the team quickly becomes the second line for these incidents, a set of procedures (even automation) for the 1st line must be created and shared with the colleagues of the service desk so that the necessary information is collected there. to be processed by the team or transmitted to the service provider.

• Guarantee the stability of the Omnichannel Tool in order to improve the quality of service for end users through incident management

• Participate in the development of Omnichannel Tool and chatbot functionalities and related tools

• Participate in the analysis and testing of applications related to Omnichannel Tool and chatbot

• Develop in lowcode occasionally

• Optimize collaboration and guide the team, infrastructure and suppliers towards the devops culture in an Agile framework


Tasks and deliverables:

• Participate in D2D as well as 2nd / 3rd (temporarily 1st) line support necessary for the proper functioning of the call center (handling of technical incidents, VMS configuration, etc.)

• Set up the tools and procedures to resolve them as quickly as possible or even automate them

• Ensure the resolution of the identified structural problems impacting the user experience Identify in close collaboration with the product owners and the team, the possibilities of extension of the chatbot / Omnichannel Tool offering the best ROI and service to the member.

• Actively support the Agile functioning of the team, especially during SCRUM ceremonies (daily, refinement, review, retro, planning, etc.)

• Communicate efficiently with the various stakeholders (business, network experts, subcontractors, etc.) so that the priorities of the tasks are clearly understood by all

• Challenge business demands in order to identify the real need and identify solutions that can be implemented by the team or a supplier as part of the roadmap

• Propose technical improvements and explain the advantages to the business (popularization) in order to arouse their interest in the implementation of relevant technical elements in the roadmap

• Define and set up a quality control structure

• Ensure the automation of testing (automation and monitoring of non-regression tests, smoketests, loadtest, UAT, etc.) of the functionalities delivered by the partners or the team itself

• Deliver business added value during each 2-week sprint (4 weeks for the supplier) while aiming to reduce production timeframes

• Automate the deployment procedure that can be

• Define the level of services and the key elements to demonstrate the added value, stability, ... of the tool in consultation with the PO, the supplier, national and regional network managers

• Contribute to the establishment and follow-up of end-to-end monitoring and performance monitoring of the Omnichannel Tool in the broad sense (application, network, etc.)

• Be able to develop / maintain related lowcode applications (outsystems)



  • You can demonstrate experience in incident management and their formalization in a procedure taking into account the roles, responsibilities of the various lines and information necessary during the escalations necessary to comply with SLAs
  • You have a good knowledge of methodologies and best practice in terms of analysis (UML - mainly activity diagrams)
  • You have significant experience in the testing (manual and automatic) of applications provided by organizations without direct access to sources (including fat client), applications managing interactions via email and telephone, etc.
  • You are very familiar with Agile Scrum work, appreciate it and can demonstrate experience in its application for a non-traditional team
  • You have experience in managing call center tools (ideally Altitude)
  • You are able to understand a technical design (type 4 + 1 view)
  • You know or are motivated by learning:
    • Development in lowcode (outsystems)
    • Analyze logs and / or wiresharks traces in order to identify the potential cause of a problem
    • Protocols and principles related to networks
  • You speak FR or NL with an excellent command of the other national language and English
  • You have knowledge of the tools: Jenkins, Jira, Grafana, ...
  • You are critical ("no-nonsense") and have a good analytical and synthesis mind
  • You can work independently and in a team
  • You have a sense of quality and precision
  • You can work under pressure with changing priorities
  • You are result oriented, proactive, flexible, ...

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