Senior Software Engineer - Golang

  • Central, London, United Kingdom
  • Full-time

Company Description

We are disrupting the Artificial Intelligence & Engineering talent industry with our groundbreaking solutions and business ideas. At AI-Adam we focus on Intelligent and efficient sourcing by using Predictive Analytics to Improve Sourcing and help you secure the best talent in the industry.

Job Description

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join a leading Data Science and AI Startup in London on a full time basis. You will be designing and building scalable machine learning solutions on top of the open source and enterprise products and working on bringing the Explainable AI and ML Monitoring available in our projects into the enterprise products for general use.

Core skills (The role will be focused on these skills so we would expect existing experience or a demonstrable desire to learn these)

  • Experience with Kubernetes and the ecosystem of Cloud Native tools.
  • Experience using machine learning tools in production.
  • Experience with Golang

Desired skills (Any of these will be of great interest to us)

  • A broad understanding of data science and machine learning.
  • Understanding of explainable AI or machine learning monitoring in production
  • Familiarity with Kubeflow, MLFlow or Sagemaker
  • Familiarity with python tools for data science