Magnet Materials Engineer

  • Guilford, CT, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Hyperfine Research (4Catalyzer Company) is a well-funded, rapidly growing medical technology company founded by Jonathan Rothberg, PhD in 2014.  Our companies (like: Butterfly Network) build medical devices that have never been built before - bridging together cutting-edge electrical, mechanical and software engineering with artificial intelligence, thereby bringing down device costs, reducing device size, increasing usability and creating breakthrough products. We have a world-class team of engineers, whose focus is to build these innovative devices, save the lives of the ones we love and democratize medicine around the world.

Today, 90% of the world population does not have access to MRI. Hyperfine is on a mission to bring MR technology to every patient anywhere, anytime, regardless of income or resources

Job Description

  • Manage existing and develop new relationships with magnet vendors
  • Develop QA process for magnet assembly parts, including procuring and setting up suitable equipment
  • Help the team optimize cost and performance with knowledge of materials and processes (steel and permanent magnets)
  • Help the team develop tooling and processes to efficiently build magnet assemblies


  • At least MS Combination of EE and mechanical, or equivalent experience
  • Capable of designing parts in Solidworks or similar and creating drawings for fabrication.
  • Knowledge of steel grades used for magnetic applications
  • Familiar with manufacturing processes of steel parts
  • Knowledge of permanent magnet materials (rare earth, ferrite)
  • Experience with sourcing magnet parts
  • Experience with the different steps of producing magnet assemblies (handling, quality control, magnetization, gluing…)
  • Experience with automation


  • FEA analysis
  • Programming skills (any language)

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.